Doctors for Assange

We are a group of doctors from around the world that formed in October 2019 to voice our serious concerns about the health of Julian Assange and to condemn the violations of his right to be free from torture, right to health, and right to doctor-patient confidentiality.



We invite fellow doctors to join us as signatories by completing the form below or emailing Please only sign this if you are a Medical Professional.


We invite fellow doctors to join us as signatories to our letters to add further voice to our calls. Together we can challenge, and raise awareness of, the abuses with a view to ending the torture of Mr. Assange and ensuring his access to the best available healthcare before it is too late.

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    352 Ms. Dr. Heatheranne Baker-Oldfield United States PsyD, ThD
    351 Ms. Gillian Collister United Kingdom MBChB general practitioner
    350 Dr. Ayiesha Malik United Kingdom MBChB - General Practitioner
    349 Dr. Kamala Emanuel Australia Bachelor of Medicine (University of Newcastle, 1994)
    348 Dr. Sebastian Pannasch Germany Psychologist
    347 Dr. Susanne Lehmkuhl-Eichhorn Germany MD, Specialist for General Medicine
    346 Ms. Melanie Chambers Luxembourg Physiotherapist
    345 Ms. Hans Gnahn Germany Neurologist
    344 Mr. Guenter Oschmann Germany Anesthesiology
    343 Mr. Bernhard Sibum Germany MD
    342 Dr. Peter Johnston Armenia MBBS FRACGP FACNEM
    341 Ms. Ingrid Harder Germany Anesthesiology
    340 Ms. Ruth Ruth Strauss MD United States Strauss MD
    339 Ms. Ignazio Ardizzone Italy Psichiatra
    338 Dr. PETER R BUCHANAN Australia MD, FRACP
    337 Ms. Veronika Bushati Sweden MD spec in rheumathology
    336 Ms. Doreen Dupont United States MD
    335 Dr. Sybille Martin Germany Occupational Medicin, Virologie and Microbiology
    334 Mr. Jonas Malmstedt Sweden Consultant Vascular Surgeon, MD, PhD
    333 Ms. Adelia Maria Batista Brazil Family Medicine , Internal Medicine, Emergency
    332 Mr. Samuel Soares Brazil Internal Medicine/ Infectology. Practice in Butantan Institute and São Paulo City's public health system
    331 Ms. Giw Nasrollahi ??
    330 Mr. Magnus von Wangenheim Germany Clinical scientist
    329 Ms. Bettina Friedrich United Kingdom Health Psychologist
    328 Dr. Joe Murray United Kingdom PhD
    327 Dr. Janice Kirsch United States Medical Doctor. Hematologist, Oncologist.
    326 Ms. Henrike Winter Germany Dotor for Internal Medicine
    325 Dr. Victor Hu United Kingdom MB BCh, PhD, FRCOphth
    324 Dr. Richard Rothschiller United States Psychologist
    323 Dr. Bryan Estill United States MD, Anesthesiology - Views are my own and do not represent my organization
    322 Dr. Erin Murillo United States Board certified pediatrician, subspecialized as a neonatal-perinatal medicine intensivist
    321 Dr. Belal Chowdhury United Kingdom MRCPsych
    320 Mr. Martin Stenzel Germany MD, Radiologist
    319 Dr. Mursheda Chowdhury United Kingdom BSc(Hons) MB BS MRCP(Lon) PGCert Med Ed
    318 Dr. Ulf Solberg Norway Plastic Surgeon
    317 Ms. Kevin Laser United States MD
    316 Dr. Adam Morrell United States MSK/Manual Therapy
    315 Mrs. Christine Schulgen Germany Psychologie
    314 Dr. Henry Rose United States Nephrologist/Internist
    313 Dr. German Sanchez United States Physician and Surgeon, FAAP
    312 Dr. Dennis Lange United States Psychiatry & Neurology
    311 Dr. Aimee Coleman United States ABPN Board Certified Psychiatrist
    310 Dr. Heather Walker United States Psychologist, clinical and transpersonal
    309 Dr. Frances Geteles United States Clinical Psychologist
    308 Dr. Dana Fairbanks United States Psychiatry
    307 Dr. Ángel González Puerto Rico Internal Medicine
    306 Dr. Andrew Charles Joseph Harbourne United Kingdom MBCHB Emergency Medicine Locum UK NHS
    305 Dr. Jay Middleton United States P.h.D. (Psychology)
    304 Dr. Gillian Deakin Australia
    303 Dr. Anette Truter South Africa MBChB